An Introduction

Burning Neuron Interactive is about games and game-based interactive experiences to provide both fun and brain stimulating engagement.

We make games for recreation and business.


People feel engaged, empowered and heroic when playing games. We strive to make games that bring these qualities to everyone.

Games can be used for recreation, keeping customer engagement, and promoting your business & products.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Experiencing AR & VR is incredibly engaging! We can build the tools you need to captivate your customers and clients.

Waterside Resort Cardboard VR Experience

Google Cardboard app for Waterside Resort

Get it on Google Play

Fixing Reality

AR & VR are primarily visual systems, however we are exploring how the techniques of visual environment detection and overlays in 3D space can be translated to other senses such as sounds and touch.

We are working with the visually impaired to discover simple and practical ways these systems can improve happiness and independence.

Using a high contrast giant VR wall clock, Carol saw the time for the first time in 5 years

Everyday Fun

Not just for business, we are also working on casual games with no other purpose than to have fun!

Horizon's Rift is currently available as a sample.


Our first commissioned game is a puzzle game called Waterside Resort's Fun In The Sun as a promotion for Waterside Resort in Thailand.

A browser version of Fun In The Sun can be played on the Waterside Resort website.

Get it on Google Play

Find us on Twitter as @BurningNeuronIO.