How to show coding work to a non-coding audience

We game developers love to post about our game's progress on social media with screenshots, animated gifs, videos and audio clips of our work, but sometimes you've been deep in the cavernous maze of code that glues everything together, so how do you show this to your audience in an engaging way?

TL;DR - Just show me what you did!

You may have spent the last two weeks refactoring your entire menu system to make it cleaner, extensible and maintainable, but to your players nothing has changed.

This has always been a challenge in my day job where I work in GRC and the majority of my colleagues think programming is a dark art. Let's face it, if you're not a programmer then a screen full of code is...bland!

At some point in time I stumbled upon a visualisation tool with the enticing name gource. It runs through your git commit log and turns it into a nice animation. Gource is a command line tool and a bit fidly to get right, but it will add a real wow factor to something that would otherwise be fairly boring to probably a large part of your audience.

Finally, here is the visualisation on the work I have done on Tactical Limit over a two month period compressed into about 3 minutes and 40 seconds!

Tactical Limit Code Commit Visualisation.

If you make a visualisation yourself, ping me on twitter (@BurningNeuronIO), I would love to see what you have!

Just for fun, a few mote visualisations on other stuff I've worked on:

Creation of Waterside Resort Website.

Creation of Policy Connect.