Fortuna Station - Space Station Risk Management Simulator

When I first learned about #StarTrekJam in early May it was natural that I just had to be part of it! I had plenty of ideas, and it came down to 5 that I thought I could build in the time frame available, but I settled for what I thought would be the simplest...

Welcome To Fortuna Station

You have been given a 20 year commission on Fortuna Station, a small research station on the edge of The Neutral Zone. Each year you are given a report on the likelihood of an attack on your station and you must decide how best to distribute your energy between research and defence.

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Game Play

The idea behind Fortuna Station is that you are given a limited amount of energy that you can put into defences. Each year that goes past increases the likelihood of an attack.

Protecting The People

Your population needs protection, and that's your job. The more energy you put into defence, the more people you can protect if you are attacked. Be careful not to overload your defences or they could cause a cascading failure throughout the station and destroy the entire complex!

"I never strike out at any life form. The only things I attack are icons of conspicuous consumption. People put objects in front of their life, in front of anything that has real importance. They make this 'thing' their God."
- Wendy O. Williams

Managing Your Reserves

Energy is a limited resource. Unused energy is used for harvesting more energy. It's not very efficient, but it gives you something in return. Each person on the station will contribute energy each year.

Risk Management

A standard risk matrix is provided that shows the likelihood of an attack against the consequence of an attack given your current defence rating.

"When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor."
- Elon Musk

A consequence of catastrophic is basically a loss of 50% of your population! Headquarters will look poorly on this and revoke your commission immediately!

Your 20 Year Commission

Will you flourish to the end of your commission or will you be disgracefully discharged for your recklessness and unacceptable losses of life?

Future Features

More updates will follow to include:

A Disturbing Observation During Development

While developing this game I noticed some very fascinating, yet disturbing trends with the risk management when money was involved!

When I first began this game energy was called funds and you put funding toward defences. Play testers would tend to be a little cautious with their funds but still try to defend the people quite well.

After introducing the risk matrix I noticed a tendency in players to try and take big risks to maximise profits and not care so much about life!

Renaming funds to energy saw players make strong attempts to minimise the loss of life now that no profit was involved.

My day job is involved with Governance Risk and Compliance. While it has always been known that these kinds of tools can be misused, seeing something as simple as a five box risk matrix so blatantly exploited is eye opening.

(Perhaps I'll revert energy back to funds and make it a Ferengi station!)

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