Cup Day Horse Racing Game

Here in Australia it's Melbourne Cup again! It's also known as "The Race That Stops The Nation".

In this game you control the action by racing your horse on to victory!

Even better than the real thing: no horses will be injured!

Use 'F' and 'J' to race your horse, Settings to choose your horse name.

Detailed Instructions and more details follow.

Click here to load into a seperate window.

TL;DR (Instructions, web version)

Once you start your race you will see the letter 'F' appear on the left side of your horse and the letter 'J' on right side - tap the matching key to race your horse!

Use Settings to choose a horse name - you can make a name up yourself or use the built in random horse name generator.

Game Modes

At the moment there is only a single Endless Run mode, you get to run...forever...see how long you can maintain the lead!


This game was originally written the day before Melbourne Cup 2014. There were no horse names, race time or even a menu!

Now in 2015 we've got menus, dynamic horse names, race times and even a difficulty feedback system.


If you like this game, let me know and I'll work on getting an even better version ready for 2016!

Maybe even with a real race finish and multiplayer!

Hope you enjoy it!